15 найкращих інструментів для аналітики мобільного додатку

Більшість починаючих мобільних розробників дивляться тільки на скачування і дохід. Добре для початку, але є багато інших метрик, які дадуть глибоке знання про ваш продукт.

Якщо ви хочете вивести ваш додаток на новий рівень, цей список інструментів дасть вам доступ до детальних даних.

Список всіх інструментів:

  15. ADJUST

Далі детально англійською


Flurry is one of the oldest and most respected app analytics platforms on the market today. No wonder Yahoo decided to buy them.

Since Flurry also has an ad network, you can get metrics on your ad performance and detailed user acquisition reports. They have solutions for any mobile device, not just iOS and Android.

Their lightweight SDK is easy to install and you can start getting data right away. Get access to their user documentation here.

Cost: Free

Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Mobile Web



When you think of analytics, you probably think of Google first..especially if you have a website. Oddly enough, they were a little late to the game, back in 2012.

Luckily, if you do use GA for your website, you can also get your app analytics in the same dashboard.

The Mobile Analytics website also has a few success stories that illustrate the importance of using analytics to maximize the results you are getting from your app.

It also integrates with AdMob, making it easy to see how well your paid campaigns are doing.

Cost: Free

Platforms: iOS, Android 



It took awhile, but Apple finally launched their analytics platform in iTunes Connect. To see the entire WWDC announcement presentation, go here.

A few of the key features are:

  • Filters– You can filter metrics by things like app version or iOS version. Makes it easier to drill down to see which segments you are doing well in.
  • Sources– Some basic tools for measuring the results from paid and organic traffic sources.
  • Retention– Since retention is a key signal of how good your app is, understanding how long people are sticking around is vital to your success.

The tool is very limited, compared to other tools on this list. However, it is nice to be able to get some key metrics without leaving your iTunes Dashboard.

You can get the complete user guide here.

Cost: Free

Platform: iOS 



Apsalar is focused more on advertising attribution. This gives to a good look at your marketing ROI.

Find out which marketing campaigns are working and which ones you need to drop. They also offer great marketing tools like SmartTags, which give you more detailed analysis of your marketing efforts.

Cost: Free

Platforms: iOS, Android



One of the biggest advertised benefits of Mixpanel is that non-technical people can easily create custom queries, without knowing SQL. The powerful interface allows you to segment your users and see which segments are working best.

The video above does a good job of explaining this capability.

Cost: Free and paid options (depends on number of data points)

Platforms: iOS, Android



They have some very useful analytics such as:

  • Funnel visualization
  • Retention
  • Unlimited timelines
  • User flows
  • Segmentation
  • Behavioral Cohorts
  • And more

Cost: Free and paid options (based on events)

Platforms: iOS, Android, JavaScript, Unity, Segment 



Countly markets themselves as an enterprise solution, but they also have free and lower priced solutions starting at $60 per month. Their real-time dashboard is easy to read and gives you access to the data you need, at a glance.

On top of standard analytics, you can see in-app purchase data. They also claim to have SDKs for more platforms than any other analytics solution.

Cost: Free and paid options

Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Unity, Blackberry, Mac and more



Appsee provides a slightly different analytics offering from the other companies mentioned above. They allow you to record user sessions and see heatmaps.

One area in which this can be particularly useful is in crash reports. See exactly what a user was doing before a crash happened.

This is all on top of the usual analytics metrics that you can get on other platforms.

Cost: Free trial

Platforms: iOS, Android



Localytics provide many of the function listed above, so it really comes down to preference and which app analytics tool you like best.

Their platform provides real-time analytics, remarketing data, attribution and more. Their messaging features seem to set them apart from the crowd, so if you are interested in this function, you should check them out.


10. Upsight

Upsight is a recent merger product of two app analytics companies Kontagent and PlayHaven. This tool gives you information about core acquisition, engagement and revenue metrics. It also provides you with funnel analysis that will help you improve your mobile app performance. The tool gives weekly revisit rate to measure retention. The tool provides deep analysis of metrics that average web analytics do not provide, with funnel analysis, cohort explorer a predictive LTV (lifetime value) that will predict how much money customers will spend in your app over their entire lifetime based on their past behavior.

Pricing – Free version is available. Pricing starts from $500 per month.


11. Adobe  Analytics

Adobe provides both web and mobile analytics. Its mobile services SDK provides a single method of data collection for either native apps written in Objective C or hybrid apps based on HTML5. It provides data visualizations and detailed insights about user-engagement, retention and monetization. It also provides reports like cohort analysis and geolocation analysis. See trends for users, launches, average session length, retention length and crashes. It also gives pathing analysis report that helps you to see how your users navigate through your app and find engaging screens and UI elements.

Pricing – Pricing is around $5000 per month. Pricing is not specified on the site.


  1. Amazon Mobile Analytics

Amazon mobile app analytics gives you metrics such as daily active users (DAU), monthly active users (MAU), new users, sticky factor (DAU divided by MAU), number of sessions, average sessions per DAU, average revenue per DAU, average revenue per paying DAU, Day 1, 3, and 7 retention and week 1, 2 and 3 retention and event tracking.

The tool is designed to deliver usage reports within an hour of receiving data from an app.

Pricing – 100 million free events per month included in the free tier. Beyond that you are charged $1 per million events per month.


  1. MobileAppTracking

This tool has integrated with many mobile ad network and publishers so you do not have to place an advertising SDK in your app. With this tool you can track your marketing campaign across multiple ad networks. Apart from this the analytics segment boasts of features such as real-time analytics, app to app and web to app tracking, revenue tracking and lifetime value, social media advertising tracking, cross promotion between apps tracking, complete data privacy, dynamic event tracking and many more.

Pricing – Free version is available to track up to 50,000 attributions. Pricing starts from $0.002 per attribution.

mobile app tracking

  1. Asking Point

This is a free mobile app analytics tool that gives you basic analytics usage, retention and engagement on your mobile app. It gives you device information and version data, demographics and also the ability to track custom events. You also have a ratings booster, which happens to be their core product, that helps improve your app ratings.

Pricing – The analytics and ratings booster tools are free. Premium model includes banner and interstitial ads.

asking point


  1. Adjust

Adjust is a new and improved mobile app analytics platform that was formerly known as Adeven. The metrics found in this tool helps you dig deeper and helps you track how customers use applications after download. It has a real-time analysis system that gives clearer insight on how successful a particular marketing campaign is and which sources have provided the most valuable traffic. The app also provides cohort analysis and helps you understand customer engagement with your app. The user interface is clean and graphs are easy-to- understand and responsive.

They have their own app market analysis that gives you global comparisons of your app data right on your adjust dashboard.

Pricing – Organic traffic and event tracking is free. The tool provides a 30-day free trial. Pricing starts from 100 Euros (approx. $134.47)



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